Pele Francis and Wian Botha

Social media today is vastly different from what it was many years ago. Whereas it started as a way to offer the every day James or Jennie a way to easily interact with each other.

It has now turned into a highly monetizable business platform that is built for the new generation of brands and influencers!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last 5 years, there's no doubt you have probably seen a number of 20 something-year-olds flashing their fancy clothes and free products on social media to complement their Lamborghini selfie, in which they paid cash, as a result of high paying brand deals.

Pele Francis, 24, and Wian Botha, 25 have created a sure way of teaching the average joe to become an influencer and get high paying brand deals from your very own Instagram account.

The Ecom CEO, Pele has built over 7 successful online eCommerce brands and has taught over 250 people to create wealth online.

Wian Botha, is a digital marketer, business, and networking expert with over 5 years of business experience and a degree in IT.

You can follow Pele and Wian on Instagram @pele_vuitton and @Wianbotha to stay up to date with their business ventures.

They have just launched the revolutionary company, IG Mastery Pro that is built for the digital generation. This full A-Z guide will talk you through various proven strategies that will show you how to create 6 or even 7 figures just by upping your content game.

Together, they have created a recipe for success!