Pedophile Repeats Offence After Being Released from Jail in Singapore

After serving jail for only a few years for sexually abusing his daughter, a man in Singapore returned to his dirty ways after release

A most heinous crime has been reported from Singapore which involved a man who was previously jailed for acts of child sexual abuse re-offending with similar acts again after his release. His earlier stint in jail was for abusing his own daughter, just four-year-old then.

After his release, he got into a relationship with a woman whose trust he earned. Using this trust, he started taking out her two children to a hotel and forced them to indulge in sexual acts with each other.

These two siblings, young and also intellectually-handicapped partially, were made to watch pornographic movies and then forced to enact sexual acts were recorded by him, said the court papers filed by the prosecution. The court in the city-state has ordered the criminal to 24 years of jail and 24 blows from the cane.

Child Abuse
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The girl and the boy, children who were nine and eight years old respectively, were taken to a hotel in Geylang called Seng Wah. They were warned by the man not to disclose what he was doing to them to anyone. Apart from making them enact pornographic scenes, he also abused the girl himself.

Mother's friend

The mother, who didn't doubt this person's claim that he merely wanted to spend more time with her children, came to know of the shocking details once her daughter revealed that she didn't wish to spend any more time with their mother's boyfriend. Still, she only mentioned physical abuse and not the perverse sexual acts that he had been committing, stated the case sheet.

What is remarkable is the high level of trust this man enjoyed from the mother of the afflicted children. The convict was actually her supervisor in the office where she worked as a cleaner. He committed the incredibly heinous crimes over a period of two years – 2012 to 2014.

Singapore has a strange method of dealing with such crimes Wikimedia Commons

In 2018, the man was able to reconnect with the girl, now a 14-year-old teenager. The young lady wanted to buy cigarettes and sought the help of her mother's boyfriend from the past. The perverted criminal offered to buy her cigarette as long as she would oblige him by again indulging in sexual acts, this time with him. Not only did this man indulge in sexual intercourse with the teenage girl but also filmed it.

Boy Turns Criminal

His game was up when police arrested the brother of the girl who had now become a criminal himself and had indulged in theft and had sex with a minor. During the interrogation, it was revealed that this boy was seriously psychologically affected by what was done to him in childhood.

"The two victims have suffered the trauma and degradation of his actions and will continue to be haunted by them – (the boy) reported feeling 'tortured' by the accused due to the sexual abuse inflicted on him, while (the girl) still experiences flashbacks of the incidents to this day," the prosecuter stated in court.

The police then acted and arrested the man again and this time ensured a harsher punishment.