Pedophile, 60, Who Identifies as 5-Year-Old Girl, Kisses Minors AGAIN Defying Court Order

Janiel Verainer, 60, appeared in court in an elf costume sucking thumb.

A 60-year-old pedophile, who identifies as a 5-year-old girl was convicted of defying a court order. UK resident, Janiel Verainer was ordered by the court to stay away from kids after he was found kissing a little girl outside of a cafe in Thanet in 2016. Verainer was found guilty of defying the court order in kissing two minor girls and has been convicted again.

In 2016, Janiel Verainer, after being convicted of kissing a minor and possessing child sexual exploitation photos on his devices, was sentenced to 15 months in prison. A sexual harm prevention order was also imposed on him by the court, who referred to the pedophile as 'she/her'. Verainer, however, repeated the crime, once again when she approached and kissed two minor girls last year. She is scheduled to be sentenced to prison on February 25.

Janiel Verainer
Janiel Verainer Kent Police

Janiel Verainer appeared in court sucking her thumb

According to 4W, Janiel Verainer dressed up as an elf for her court appearance at the recent hearing, donning a green and red dress, red and white thigh-high stockings, and a sweater. During the hearing, Verainer was sucking on her thumb, according to reports. Back in 2016, Verainer had pigtails and was sucking on a pacifier during the court hearing. She also carried a large stuffed doll and was reprimanded by the judge for the same.

Janiel Verainer is mentally competent

According to the reports of a full psychiatric evaluation that Verainer was subjected to, back then, she was not found with any mental illnesses, but she did have personality issues. This means that she is considered to have consciously broken the court-ordered restriction and is mentally competent to stand trial and face a conviction for her repetitive crimes.

The news came to light when journalist and author of NYT bestseller Unmasked, Andy Ngo tweeted about the same. People reacted to Andy's post and bashed Janiel Verainer's self-identification by calling it 'hooey'.