Pecos Valley Production, A Social Media Powerhouse in the Industry

 Pecos Valley

With access to social media rapidly increasing, the quality of content is paramount for all organizations around the globe. Business owners cannot deny that social media is no longer important in marketing and accessing new customers to retain. The quality of content, however, does not always have to be an expensive, high-level production that costsover $20k per commercial for a product. Technology is increasing within film, allowing creators to create high-level content consistently.Consistency is key in the discourse community of social media platforms. When you combine high-level content and consistency, you undoubtedly go above and beyond in your industry and can quickly become the trusted and preferred choice above your competitors. One company that is doing everything across all social media platforms is the top-tier cannabis dispensary, Pecos Valley Production.

Pecos Valley Production has the following social media platforms.

· Instagram

· Facebook

· LinkedIn

· Twitter

· TikTok

· YouTube

After talking with the Director of Marketing and Branding,Pecos Valley Production is not slowing down in 2021. He states, "we post high-quality content consistently and are partnering with the biggest names in the industry."The director has been with Pecos Valley Production for four months, and they are averaging 500 likes, 75 comments and reaching thousands of new people per post. They have a green screen production set allowing them to create cannabis educational content for their YouTube channel and are creating content with other companies,cross-marketing via YouTube and other social media platforms the partnering companies have.

"Cross-marketing is important" explains the director."By doing this, you reach people from different discourse communities twice as much. The posts that you are cross-marketing with, may reach people that are not a part of your customer base, and this may be the first time you impress them, to persuade them to visit your page. Therefore, the quality of content is important in order to get those people to look at those posts. After they get to your page, this is where consistency plays its part.What retains them as a follower is posting engaging, helpful and exciting content." The director is not shy of helping with education and knowledge says that these hashtags will help other cannabis companies get impressions from people from people in the community.

Pecos Valley Production is the first company to release cannabis related articles on this platform and with many more other publishers. They have appeared in the following publications: Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, The London Daily, The American Reporter, Vents Magazine, Tribune Byte, The California Herald, Seekers Time, ENews 2.0, Net News Ledger and LA Progressive. The director informed us that they are working on an article with Forbes, Middle East Headlines and Tech Times. Pecos Valley Production is set to lead the industry with social media this year and is growing rapidly in all departments.