Payton Gendron's Kin Give Him Benefit Of Doubt, Say Covid-19 Infection Affected His 'Lizard Brain'

Giving a new twist to the Buffalo massacre, the relatives of the perpetrator of the crime, Payton Gendron, have said his actions are an outcome of the paranoia and isolation during Covid-19.

His mother's cousin Sandra Komoroff stated that Gendron had bought into the fear of Covid-19 while her husband Dave Komoroff stated that his Covid-19 infection could have affected his "lizard brain" that controls aggression.

The statement issued by Gendron's relatives has invited a sharp retort from the social media followers. Giving the angle of the "psychiatric and psychological trouble" is the safest way to get sympathy for Gendron, added a faction of social media followers.

 Payton Gendron
Accused Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron Twitter

Payton Gendron Guilty of Cold-Blooded Genocide; Social Media Verdict

Dubbing the theory of mental illness, Gendron's detractors pointed toward his manifesto which states that he was already following Brenton Tarrant, the white supremacist who killed 51 people in a mosque in New Zealand in 2019.

The detractors also stated that in past also this plea has been used in numerous cases by the families of the criminals. This is just a tactic used by the families to get away with minimum sentence even for the heinous crimes. Gendron's act was a cold-blooded genocide, added the detractors.

It is not fair to bring Human Rights violations in such cases as it encourages a lot of criminals to commit crimes and then blames it on their mental health issues, added the followers.

A report published by New York Post stated that Gendron had written a 180-page supremacist manifesto that outlined his racist philosophy. Also, he had methodically outlined his massacre plan. The report further stated that Gendron had defined the process of his radicalized thoughts owing to boredom in the early pandemic days.

A twitter user replying to @NotHoodlum stated, "Borrowing lyric from South Pacific, you've got to be carefully taught to hate all the people your relatives hate. Payton Gendron was carefully taught. Not by public educators, but those closest to him and from social network platforms aligning w his hate."

Another Twitter user expressed his opinion stating, "Payton Gendron, the Buffalo mass shooter, is not the only person who has these anti-Black beliefs. Don't act like this is an isolated, mental illness case. This was terrorism. This was a result of unregulated white supremacism."

"Replying to @RepMTG, Oh I get it - you're implying Payton Gendron, the racist domestic terrorist who committed murder in a mass shooting, is just a mentally unstable poor kid. Bullshit. If he was black you would already be advocating the death penalty and talking about rampant black crime," read a tweet.