Paul Wynn: Groom with Terminal Cancer Dies at Wedding Alter as Horrified Bride Walked Down Aisle

Paul Wynn, a 57-year-old dad of 11, was sitting in a chair waiting for his partner, Alison Wynn, to greet him at their nuptials in a town hall in Scotland when he suddenly died.

A groom with terminal cancer died at the altar as his bride was walking down the aisle to meet him, just minutes before they were due to get married, according to a report. Paul Wynn, a 57-year-old dad of 11, was sitting in a chair waiting for his partner, Alison Wynn, to greet him at their nuptials in a town hall in Scotland, The Sun reported.

Interestingly, the groom and everyone present at the ceremony knew that he had only a few weeks to live. However, no one imagined that he would die at his own wedding just a few days after doctors told him that he was nearing death.

Tragic Death

Alison and Paul Wynn
Alison and Paul Wynn Wynn Family

The Wynns had been in an on-and-off relationship for 21 years, and had five children together. On the day of the wedding, Alison was walking with their elder son in tow toward Paul but he had died by before they reached.

Alison told Ayrshire Live that Paul had just learnt a few days back that he had six to eight weeks to live so they wanted to get married at the earliest as that was Paul's last wish. Alison told the outlet told that she had left her home on the afternoon of her wedding feeling overwhelmed from organizing a wedding in such a brief period of time, that she forgot her flowers at home.

She spent 10 minutes waiting outside Saltcoats town hall for a friend to retrieve her bouquet.

Before the ceremony started, Alison said, "By the time I had gotten my flowers and went up the stairs, everything seemed to be okay, although Paul seemed to be a bit uncomfortable by this point, and his kilt had been loosened a wee bit to help him feel more comfortable." She walked up to Paul but he was already dead.

Paul Wynn
Paul Wynn Family photo

"By the time I got to him, I called his name a couple of times," she said. "He didn't turn round, he didn't look at me, and I realized there was something wrong, and I started breaking down, and I started shouting his name, and we knew something wasn't right," the grieving bride said.

Wish Unfulfilled

The doctors had shared the news with Paul just a week ago and he wanted to get married at the earliest. However, his wish remained unfulfilled. Alison said that the cancer was so painful that paul couldn't walk properly. She said added that he had been wheeled into the venue in an office chair as he had very little energy, and that he had been out of breath and struggling somewhat.

Alison also said that Paul died almost getting no treatment. Seeing Paul unresponsive after reaching him, Alison called for help. First-responders were unable to revive him at the wedding.

Alison with her daughters
Alison Wynn with her daughters Wynn

"I'm having to get up and moving every day for the sake of my children, but I can't eat," said the heartbroken bride. "Paul and I lost a child in 2004 after I had a miscarriage, so it gives me a bit of comfort that he's up there with our child," Alison said. "His mother passed away in 2020, so at least he's with her now, too.

Paul and Alison's wedding had been set for July 16, but it had been brought forward in light of his diagnosis. Alison added that he was a "fantastic dad and his kids were his life."

A GoFundMe page has been launched to help the family pay for Paul's funeral, set to take place on July 6.