Patrick Wind Is The Digital Marketing Expert You Need To Grow Your Business

Patrick Wind

Meet Patrick Wind, the Managing Director of AdsAccelerator. Through his company, Patrick is currently revolutionising the online training space for brands and entrepreneurs.
Patrick has spent years of countless trial and error developing and perfecting his strategies. After observing the failure of 3 ecommerce stores he had launched, Patrick learnt the hard way that performance marketing requires a lot more than just diverting a lot of traffic to your website. "I learnt that I needed to have the right retargeting funnel," Patrick says. "This alongside implementing proven tried and tested methods for attracting new audiences, and using compelling ad design and copywriting was what was required to ensure the success and growth of these businesses," he states.

And he was right. After coming to this realisation, Patrick set out to employ this type of digital marketing strategy. Using these methods, Patrick invested 3 million euros to turn them into a staggering 10.4 million euros of online sales for over 120 brands. Patrick's 'Full-Funnel Strategy' is now being implemented by brands around the world, such as ASICS, DiamondSupplyCo. and Bioderma, as well as some of Europe's highest valued start-up companies like 21Buttons, HolaLuz and Meller.

Spurred on by his success in implementing this strategy, Patrick now wants to help others do the same to achieve untapped business growth. AdsAccelerator offers multiple online courses and training sessions to aid and support both brands and entrepreneurs. By providing clients with the tools to grow their businesses through using advanced Facebook and Instagram ad techniques, Patricks clients have seen exponential growth in both lead generation and sales. "We teach our students how to create Omnichannel Retargeting Funnels, proven methods to attract new qualitative audiences to your website, as well as winning ad design and writing". We want to help our students and clients to improve their monthly and annual incomes in a stable and sustainable way, to ensure a positive impact on their working life that subsequently also affects their personal life in a positive and long-term way," Patrick explains.

AdsAccelerator also sets itself apart by offering their training programs and online courses in several languages, to ensure these advanced strategies of digital marketing are more accessible to others across the globe. "The vision here is to make marketing knowledge, strategies and tools that normally only large multinational companies can access, becomes accessible to the small entrepreneur," Patrick says. "We do it through online courses and coaching programs including weekly group mentoring sessions, physical workshops in Barcelona or via Zoom, and also through our support groups on WhatsApp and Facebook," he states.

Through teaching the strategies he has proven to be effective, Patrick is revolutionising how digital marketing is being used across the globe. If you would like to learn more from him on how you too can successfully grow your business, reserve your seat for his free masterclass.