Patrick Lyoya Shooting: White Michigan Cop Christopher Schurr Fired After Being Charged With Murder

A Michigan cop, who is charged with murdering a black man, has been fired. Christopher Schurr, a Grand Rapids police officer, has been fired after being charged last week with second-degree murder in the death of Patrick Lyoya, the black man was shot in the back of his head in April.

Grand Rapids City Manager Mark Washington announced on Wednesday that Christopher Schurr, 31, who had been with the local police department for seven years, waived his right to a hearing and was dismissed from his position last Friday, according to Daily Mail.

Patrick Lyoya shooting
Christopher Schurr has been fired after being charged with murdering Lyoya Twitter

Police Chief Eric Winstrom had recommended the decision after a second-degree murder charge was filed on Thursday.

Schurr is already on leave as the probe was underway into the shooting incident.

Lyoya's Parents Welcome The Decision

The decision is being welcomed by Lyoya's parents, who have been demanding justice for months.

"Two words: about time. What took so long? They knew this was excessive force and they put him on paid leave while the family buried their son in the middle of the rain," said Ven Johnson, the family's attorney.

Lyoya was killed on April 4 at the end of a traffic stop when he ran away from Schurr after failing to show a driver's license.

However, Schurr has been claiming that when he shot Lyoya, the black man had control of his Taser and the officer was fearing for his safety.

Christopher Schurr Could Face Life Imprisonment

But prosecutor Chris Becker has stated that Lyoya's death could not be justified by self-defense and based on the findings, Christopher Schurr was charged with one count of second-degree murder, a felony offense which is punishable by up to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Body cam footage from Schurr's camera has shown that Lyoya stepped out of the car while asking why was he stooped?

But when Schurr asks for his license, Lyoya started walking opposite the cop and running away.

But the officer tackled him to the ground but Lyoya had somehow managed to get the officer's Taser. 'Drop the Taser," the officer is heard saying in the video but in the video. But it could not be determined how and when the officer shot Lyoya.

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