Pat Mazza says, "Take right action today to long-term success."

Pat Mazza

Pat Mazza advises making the most of each 24-hour day by taking the most action you can.
When it comes to business, the world can be cutthroat. Nobody knows this better than former Google and Microsoft leader Pat Mazza.
Businessman Pat owns three separate businesses, which he buys and sells for a living. Pat has a lifelong dream of bringing the NFL to the Canadian shores. He's set himself a timeline to do this within the next three years... and timelines, he says, are the key to his success.

Setting Goals Drives Results

Pat Mazza says that the importance of proper goal setting in life should never be underestimated. It is the setting of goals that drives us to take steps towards self-improvement. To reach the top, you need to be continually evolving. You must examine your processes, streamline how you do things, and re-evaluate in a steady stream. To stop is to be left behind in the digital dust.
Goal setting is a skill that not everyone has, regardless of how important it may be. Without the ability to aim for the stars, we have no way to achieve more important, better things for ourselves. The path to self-improvement lies through constant challenges that we overcome. It is only through overcoming that we can hope to succeed.

How to Set Personal Goals?

You can set goals in either your business or your personal life. SMART goals can be set for any aspect of yourself and your situation. If you want to improve, make SMART goals. This is a tool we use as business leaders to make the most of every hour of the day.
SMART goals mean:
● Aims you set yourself should be Specific—the more specific, the better. Suppose you need to take tiny steps, that's fine. Even a baby step is still moving in the right direction.
● Aims and goals ought to be Measurable – which means we can look back at our progress and see how far we have come. This encourages us to go further.
● Achievable – goals shouldn't be so large that there's no possibility of attainment. Break tasks down into manageable chunks to keep that forward momentum going.
● Realistic Goals are the only ones likely to succeed. You can achieve anything you want to, but you will never climb a tree if you are a fish.
● Time-Sensitive goals are those that have a deadline. There is nobody in tells to tell you how to do things or by when they should be done – except yourself.
Once you have learned to employ SMART goal setting, you should apply it to everything you want in life. Remember, taking small steps towards your goal is better than not taking any steps at all. If you're going to take control of your life, you need to control your account for that life.
According to Pat Mazza, executing those goals is precisely the right direction to travel in, to make the most of the full 24 hours each day.