Passionate Entrepreneur Jonny Dodge Shares Advice On Building A Successful Business

Jonny Dodge

Opening a company during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic was never in the plan for Jonny Dodge, Forbes featured serial entrepreneur, yet it happened. While no one can forecast the after-effects of the pandemic for billions of people worldwide, Dodge made the best of the circumstance while taking preventive measures and dealing with travel obstacles head-on.

While some services within the luxury travel industry took a hit due to the global situation, his company My Ocean, prospered when individuals wished to escape life for a short while. What sets Dodge's service apart is his deluxe experiences, where clients can travel to Antarctica or get on a submarine to experience what's left of the Titanic. As a serial business owner with continuous success with his many endeavours in the high-end travel and experiences sector, Jonny Dodge shared his advice on the best service techniques for a successful business.

Prepare For Any Scenario

Starting a business in times when Covid-19 exists requires even more thought and effort since you require to plan for possible constraints and also various other circumstances that can emerge. However, if you're willing to study every minor detail before opening your organization, you can prepare independently for unexpected problems or obstacles you may encounter. Jonny Dodge is a travel fanatic and adventurer who developed innovative ideas that vacationers can appreciate.

Going Above And Beyond

Don't go for little effort when beginning an organization or be like everyone else. Going the extra mile will result in better outcomes. "Life is brief, and individuals understand that, so they expect extraordinary experiences. For instance, the average trip to Spain isn't enticing anymore, which is why My Ocean takes a traditional experience and magnifies it by providing a lot more. The goal is to offer individuals what they desire- incredible, extraordinary experiences that leave them with unbelievable memories," said Jonny Dodge.

If you want to prosper, go above and beyond for your clients. Study what your competitors are doing and ask yourself what you can do differently and improve. How you can provide much better experiences in every area and stand out. If you can exceed what consumers generally anticipate receiving from an everyday experience, you can make a reputable name on your own through word-of-mouth.

Never Give Up. Keep Going!

Do not allow the risks to holding you back from the reward. When Jonny Dodge decided to start My Ocean, the pandemic remained in full blast. Individuals suspected his business to stop working as a result. Nonetheless, he did not let the skeptics get to him or hold him back from seeking a company endeavour that meant a lot to him. Instead, he remained to overcome any hardships to bring extraordinary experiences to the general public.

Regardless of what industry you'd like to get involved in, Jonny Dodge's recommendations on the most successful business practices are worth using to your advantage. Find out more from the inspirational serial business owner by following him on Instagram @JonnyDodge.