Passion and Influence How Chef Ahmed Darweesh has built a culinary empire

Chef Ahmed Darweesh

Each person is presented in his or her own way .Some of us are excellent musicians while others are superior mathematics, some people are gifted communicators while others are dreamers, philosophers and artists and some people are good at practical jobs while others are perfect thinkers. Some are the best cooks, a cook is not only a professional skill but it is also attached with the likings or emotion of the people due to this in the modern world the standard of the chefs ranked so high Ahmed Darweesh Alhammadi, A man with god gifted talent and excellence with passion. He is a talented chef, for the past 9 years. Chef Ahmed Darweesh has been cooking up creative and delicious dishes in the UAE. Born in UAE, I was born into an environment where love and respect for food. Due to his early interest, he got talented and now he earns his name among the best chefs of UAE. Nobody influences him. He has always been interested in food service and hospitality ever since he was young at the age of 9 he always helps his mother and aunt cook. He wasn't good as a cook that he was back then, now as he grew up he got better and better. He went to school and college like every normal child and graduate, but one thing is permanent his passion for cooking grew over when he grew up, he attends his friends and family parties and soon developed a love for the different technique, used to roll out soft pastry dough, and the spices used in marinating chicken leg. He was inspired by how food can tell a story and convey cultural ideas. As well as how it brings people together.

Ahmed Darweesh always wanted to cook because he loves making people happy and he likes cooking he wanted to get more serious because people always thought that he was playing they didn't believe when he said he is going to be a chef one day and going to be famous and going to be on TV so he started to cook for his family and friends.

He is also an Instagram influencer he has 317k followers, where he can upload his cooking recipe. he is an expert in UAE Dishes he attempts to try many dishes, and try many cuisines