Part of the New Generation, Battushig Batbold Is Helping Mongolia's Youth Become Leaders of Tomorrow

Battushig Batbold

Battushig Batbold is a businessman, sports enthusiast, and philanthropist, who is committed to helping his home country of Mongolia become a regional power player in business and commerce. Through his various ventures that range from business to involvement in the Olympics, the young entrepreneur strives to improve his country both socially and economically. Having been educated, and partially raised in the United States, Batbold brings international appeal and experience to the boardroom and badminton court. He is part of the new modern generation that is shaped by the west and works to weave those principles into Mongolia's culture.

After completing his MBA at Harvard and attaining a clear understanding of free markets and private sector-oriented business models, Batbold took on his role in the family business at Altai Holdings. The company was founded by his father, Sukhbaatar Batbold who served as the country's 26th Prime Minister. Today, it has expanded to operate in seven different sectors, including retail, telecommunications, hospitality, information technology, media, and entertainment. Although it was already one of the more diverse and larger companies in the country, Batbold's aim was to bring in international franchises and investments to allow it to expand and continue to flourish. While serving as the Chairman of several subsidiaries within the holding, his focus on excellence—from customer experience to product satisfaction—helped propel Altai Holdings to a new level of success.

Besides his work in business, Batbold also holds several notable accolades in the sports world—which he's had a fascination for since he was a child. He earned the title of President of the Mongolian Badminton Association, and later took on the role of First Vice President of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee. He even went as far as to become the first Mongolian to serve on an Olympic-level council, for badminton. In this role, he has helped spread the sport to younger generations, especially to those who are underprivileged. Batbold also formed a non-profit called Mongolia Needs You, which is a unique mentorship program that focuses on providing high-achieving rural students with tools and helps they would otherwise not have access to, while also granting scholarships.

Batbold's international experience and connections play a big part in how he conducts business for Altai Holdings. Yet, it's his drive to do good for his home country, and to improve its position on the global scale, that's truly impressive. He is part of the new generation that is leading the country into a bright future.