Park Yoochun's fans are by his side amid the recent controversies. On one side, Yoochun's DC JYJ Gallery pulled out their support following his involvement in multiple sexual assault cases, the Park Yoochun's Korean-Foreign Fan Union will continue backing the singer, reports affirmed.

On 27 June, the fan union released a note expressing their agony over inaccurate and offensive reports shaming the image of the 30-year-old singer. The union stated that they want unbiased investigation and requested media not to defame the singer-turned-actor before the truth is out in open.

The announcement read:

1. Park Yoochun's Korea-Foreign Fan Union declare a showing of unchanging support.

2. We are greatly disturbed by the inaccurate and offensive reports that continue to defame Yoochun's character.

3. We request that the media stop reporting speculated articles until a fair and accurate investigation has been completed.

4. We encourage accurate investigation for the truth.

As per Allkpop report, the fans are currently initiating a Stay By You Park Yoochun campaign in order to give strength to the former TVXQ member while he faces the sexual assault trials.

Park Yoochun's Korean-Foreign Fan Union is quite a popular fan club, and boasts of its presence in many countries. Reportedly, the fan union is widely spread across Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, England, Singapore, Germany, Brazil and Russia.