Park Shin Young on Accident Killing Delivery Man: I'll Receive Whatever Punishment is Ahead, Live my Life with Guilt

Three days after the accident, killing a delivery man, TV presenter Park Shin Young has lent an apology to the public for the unfortunate incident. She has admitted her fault while stating that she has met the victim's family to offer her condolences and give a personal apology.

Park Shin Young
Park Shin Young. Instagram

Park Shin Young's Statement
In a handwritten note shared on her Instagram, Park Shin Young stated that she should have lent an apology immediately after the accident. The TV presenter said that she hit the motorcycle when she tried to pass through the signal and owns complete responsibility for the death.

"With a heavy heart, I went to the deceased's family to personally apologize, but I knew that this was something I could not be forgiven for. My heart breaks thinking about the bereaved's family and all the comments that have been talking about the accident online. I ask that you all stop criticizing the deceased. I apologize, once again to the deceased and their family. I will receive whatever punishment is ahead and live my life with this guilt. I know this is unforgivable. I am so deeply sorry," Koreaboo translates her apology.

Her agency IOK Company, in a press release, had claimed that she was in a state of shock and being investigated by the cops after the incident on 10 May. The case is being investigated by Mapo Cops and she is booked under Special Act on Traffic Accident Law.

What The Cops Say?
The preliminary investigation has revealed that both the driver and the biker were not under the influence. "There is signal violation in the footage. The light was visibly yellow, but rather than stopping her car, she proceeded and entered the intersection. Both parties are at fault so we will be determining who is at fault on a more serious level," Kpophit quotes a representative from Seoul Mapo Police Department as saying.

The Accident
Park Shin Young's car rammed into the delivery man's bike at an intersection. She drove her SUV during a yellow light and the delivery man was riding his two-wheeler proceeded although the red light was turned on. Apparently, both Park Shin Young and the delivery man were at fault for violating the traffic rules resulting in the death.

According to onlookers, she did not step out of the car and did not come to the victim's help. "I was waiting to cross the street to get to the Nonghyeop Market when I heard a loud explosion that sounded as if a bomb went off. I saw the SUV glide across the street with great speed and hit the guard rail on the other side. The driver for some reason didn't step out of her car. The residents in that area called the police and went over to the person on the motorcycle that got hit but I heard he passed away," Allkpop quotes an eyewitness as claiming in an online community.

Park Shin Young worked as a sports announcer at MBS Sports Plus in 2014. For years, she has been taking up freelance assignments.