Park Shin Hye bids goodbye to Doctors: Actress' future plans revealed

Park Shin Hye's SBS drama, Doctors came to an end on 23 August.

Park Shin Hye had recently wrapped up her SBS drama, Doctors and is already busy with more work. The medical drama came to an end on 23 August.

According to S.A.L.T Entertainment, the South Korean actress has a hectic work schedule ahead. The source said: "She will begin preparing for her next work as soon as she finishes a pre-scheduled photo shoot in Portland. She will most likely reappear on the big screen for her next production."

Shin Hye, who had portrayed the role of Yoo Hye Jung in the drama had talked about her shooting experience. She was seen opposite Kim Rae Won in the series.

The 26-year-old beauty said: "Just like the way Hye Jung grew in the drama, it was a time for me to grow as well. Those four months were so precious, thankful, and happy; so I wanted to open my heart and show how much it hurts and how I don't want to say goodbye."