Park Shin Hye is seen portraying the female lead in the medical romantic-comedy drama, Doctors. The 26-year-old South Korean beauty's agency reportedly thought that her series will not be accepted by her fans.

Shin Hye's agency, S.A.L.T Entertainment said: "We thought the timing [of this drama] would lead to a failure. How would we land a successful drama every single time? So we were prepared for failure, and told ourselves not to be disappointed too much if the drama didn't do well."

They stated: "For the past 3 years, none of [Park Shin Hye's] dramas have failed, and everything always turned out well, so it's true that we were nervous for this one. People were saying that it was about time for at least one failure, and we also thought that there was no way we could succeed in everything. When we were choosing this next project, we wanted to go out in style, even if it did fail, so we chose 'Doctors.'"

In the show, Shin Hye is seen opposite Kim Rae Won. Doctors airs on SBS on Monday and Tuesday at 22:00-time slot.