Park Shin Hye gushes about Doctors co-star Kim Rae Won

Park Shin Hye revealed Kim Rae Won is very supportive of her.

Park Shin Hye has opened up about her Doctors co-star Kim Rae Won. The 26-year-old South Korean beauty talked about her experience of shooting with Won.

Shin Hye interacted with her fans through V app's Shin Hye V Live Episode 1 – An Exciting First Greeting. She said: "It's really good. I'm usually with friends my age, but Kim Rae Won is older than me. He's my senior from the same school. I was so nervous at first but he treats me very nicely so I'm able to film comfortably and happily."

Adding on, she answered questions about her recent weight loss. She said: "I've lost a lot of baby fat. My actual weight isn't much different."

Finally, the Pinocchio star promised her fans, she will hold a meeting session soon. She said: "I probably will after the conclusion of 'Doctors.' I will be out and about more so you can look forward to it."