Park Shin Hye deletes her apology over fancy nail art

SBS had also apologised to Doctor's fans for killing the realism.

Park Shin Hye had apologized to her fans in connection to her recent nail art controversy on social media. However, the Hallyu star later edited the post and ultimately deleted it for unknown reasons.

On 10 August, the 26-year-old actress updated her Instagram, and posted a note in order to justify the criticism over her fancy nails on the previous episode of medical life inspired drama, Doctors. As per Allkpop, a part of Shin Hye's apology stated: "I will be greeting viewers with clean nails on the remaining 4 episodes. I will need to remove it if the choice I made to cover up my insecurity became a hot issue on online communities. I will remove it. It is not a big deal."

The Pinocchio actress made some changes in the post, reportedly due to tone of impoliteness in the last two sentences and, later deleted it. The edited version of her apology, before deletion, read: "I have removed it because the choice I made to cover up my insecurity has concerned many viewers. I apologize."

Meanwhile, broadcasting channel, SBS also extended an apology to Doctor's fans for killing the realism. They said: "We talked about her nails with Park Shin Hye before the drama began. But because they didn't seem too flashy, we weren't able to consider their effects on the drama. We accept the criticism that it took away from the realistic aspect, and will take greater care until the end."