Park Min Young Explains Why She Felt GUILTY After Working with Na In Woo in Marry My Husband

Park Min Young, who captured the attention of K-drama fans worldwide by portraying ordinary office worker Kang Ji Won in the tvN drama Marry My Husband, has explained why she felt guilty after working with Na In Woo in the mini-series. According to her, she had doubts about working with In Woo during the initial stages of the production process.

Min Young said she did not know if they could do well as a couple. But as time passed, she realized he was like a strong pillar who always stood by her side. It made her feel guilty about having doubts while working with him when they started filming the television project. She said they could not have wrapped up the drama so well without his help.

"In Woo came to be a strong pillar to me that was always by my side, to the extent that I even felt guilty for having doubts like 'Can we do well?' when we first started this drama. If it were not for In Woo, I do not think we could have wrapped up this drama so well. An actor who brings sincerity in his acting and depth to his gaze like In Woo is special," the actress shared.

Marry My Husband
Marry My Husband behind-the-scene still. tvN

'A Strong Leadership'

Meanwhile, In Woo showered his co-star with praises. He described Min Young as a person with strong leadership qualities. The actor said the team was able to shoot with a sense of trust and mutual support because Min Young led everyone on set.

"Min Young herself is a standout feature. It is to the point where I feel it's regrettable to only talk about this. She has a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. Yet, she is also cute. She listens well to others yet is assertive and articulate in expressing her thoughts. It is something I want to learn from," In Woo said.

Marry My Husband
Marry My Husband poster. Twitter/tvN

Marry My Husband is a romance revenge drama that premiered on tvN on Monday (January 1) at 8:50 pm KST. It tells the story of an ordinary woman who witnessed the extramarital affair between her husband and best friend. The female protagonist gets murdered after she finds out about their relationship. She gets a second chance in life and tries to reverse her dismal fate. The mini-series will return with a new episode on tvN on Monday (February 5) at 8:50 pm KST.

"Throughout the drama, numerous stories unfold through flashbacks. The viewers will find deeper resonance and immersion in the narrative because of these flashbacks. Please continue to love the drama until the end," In Woo teased.