Park Hae Jin will not accept gifts for more than 10,000 KRW value at the fan club inaugration

Park Hae-jin will be inaugurating his first ever international fan club on September 25.

Park Hae Jin has a humble request to make to his fans. The 33-year-old recently requested through his label that his fans should avoid bringing expensive gifts at an upcoming inauguration ceremony of his fan club.

In an official update on Hae Jin's fan page, the Mountain Movement Entertainment stated that the actor will not accept worldly things from the fans. The Cheese in the Trap actor is set to meet his fans in order to celebrate the inauguration of his first ever international fan club - Club Jin's, on September 25. As the theme of the event is House Warming Party, the fans have been asked to carry the presents accordingly. Fans have also been given a spending limit which adds to no more than 10,000 KRW (approximately 9 USD), Allkpop suggests.

The entry into Hae Jin's first ever fan club opened in June 2016. In order to sign up for the club, fans flocked in like bees which brought down the servers hosting the site within minutes. However, after mending the technical fault, the website carried on smoothly and around 2,000 fans from over 20 countries have already signed up to join the club. It is stated that the shippers from more than 27 countries are flying down to Korea to attend the inauguration ceremony.

Meanwhile, the club members of Hae Jin club is up for a treat as they will getting incredible perks from their favorite actor. Who so ever has signed up for the membership will receive these exciting pay back benefits which includes:

  • Exclusive telecast premiere of the webtoon about Park's life in four different languages
  • Goodies and raffle tickets to any Park Hae Jin's event
  • Discounts on merchandises promoted by the actor (working)
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