Park Hae Jin on choosing Cheese in the Trap movie; confers it as a difficult decision

The movie is set to go on floor early next year with the tentative release in summer 2017.

Actor Park Hae Jin is ready to take over his character again in the movie edition of 'Cheese in The Trap'. The 33-year-old has been confirmed to play the male protagonist, Yoo Jung, which the actor had previously portrayed in the drama version of the webtoon on tvN network.

In a recent interview with Maeil Business Newspaper, Hae Jin opened about playing a young college lad again. The popular actor relayed that it was difficult for him to pick the same character again, but he only did for his love and affection towards the drama. He said: "Honestly, after the drama ended, I didn't want to do anything. I experienced a rough patch [after the drama], but I still have lingering feelings toward the character named 'Yoo Jung.' Despite the risk of being stuck with the same image, among many others, I arrived at this difficult decision due to my affection towards the project and the character."

Hae Jin also gave us some insight into the proceedings of the movie: "I know that the movie is currently underway with the aim of a global premiere. Right now, the initial script is drafted and being edited. As soon as the director is chosen, the production will pick up steam. I'm also excited about Hong Seol and In Ho's characters. I'm waiting for talented actors who boast of excellent chemistry [on screen]," Allkpop quoted the Bad Guys actor.

Hae Jin, who is just one movie old, also expressed his inhibition on starring into a big film project: "I'm even more nervous and worried because I don't have much experience in film. I will showcase an entirely different and complete side of me through this movie, " the actor relayed.

As per reports, the movie adaptation of 'Cheese in The Trap' might be directed by Lee Dong Ho, who has been an integral part of hits like 'Inside Men' and 'Architecture 101' previously. The movie is set to go on floor early next year with the tentative release in summer 2017.