Park Gyuri dishes out secret to achieve flawless skin

Park Gyuri shared few tips to attain beautiful skin.

Seo Jun Young and Gyuri
Gyuri has shared some tips on skin care Instagram/gyuri_88

South Korean singer/actress Park Gyuri has spilled few beans over her skin care beauty regimen. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the 28-year-old shared few tips to attain beautiful skin.

She told the publication: "I put a lot of attention into the toner stage. Firstly, after washing my face, I immediately drench a cotton pad in toner and apply. On top of that, I spray mist multiple times to keep replenishing the moisture. Next, if I put on a product that contains oil, the moisture lasts longer."

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Gyuri, a member of now-disbanded girl group KARA, also talked about her transition from idol to actress. She said: "I want to show the various images of just Gyuri rather than the 'KARA Gyuri' shown in the last ten years. I wish a lot of people would have an interest in my honest image, when I cry and laugh, even when I'm a bit disheveled, and when I don't look pretty."

Before debuting with the girl group, Gyuri made her acting debut as a child actress in the 1995 MBC drama, Today is a Nice Day. She later appeared in the dramas, Ladies of the Palace, The Person is Coming, Nail Shop Paris, Secret Love, Sweet and Jang Yeong Sil.

Following KARA's disbandment, Gyuri signed with Motion Media and focused on her acting career. Her film, How to break up with my cat, released in theaters on 3 November.