Park Bom Shocks Fans With Stunning Weight Loss Transformation, Hints at Comeback

After many setbacks former 2NE1 singer Park Bom is all set to make a comeback in the Kpop scene with a new look.

Former 2NE1 singer Park Bom has posted a photograph of her shocking transformation. The singer who was fighting attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has accomplished the weight loss goal and looks stunning in her new photographs.

The singer stayed away from the stage for nearly two years after she gained weight due to her ADHD medication. But now, she has worked hard to reduce 11 kg weight and weighs 59 kg. She followed the Juvis diet which is practiced by celebrities including Shindong, Huh Gak, and Sam Hammington. Park Bom announced that she feels healthy now and has even cut down on medication.

Park Bom
Former 2NE1 singer Park Bom too to Instagram to hint at her comeback. Instagram

The Hard Work Behind Weight Loss

The company which trained Park Bom on weight loss diet stated: "Out of all the celebrities, Park Bom was the hardest to manage. Often, she had mood swings because of the management, and she couldn't control her appetite so it was hard to manage her eating. However, even with all those difficulties, Park Bom managed to lose 11 kg."

Park Bom shared a photograph on her Instagram page along with an image from the Grand Bell Awards ceremony last year. "I was like that at the Grand Bell Awards ceremony last year...I gained weight because of the medicines I took as part of my ADD treatment. It was difficult to practice dieting. But it is really nice to take it out," she captioned the image.

"I lost 11 kg. I was 70 kg and now I weigh 59 kg. After losing weight, I have also cut down on medicine. I'm getting healthier. I won't go back to my old self. Please look forward to my comeback," said Pak Bom in her post.

Park Bom Drug Use Charges

Park Bom had to face a lot of problems because of ADHD. In 2010, there were reports that Park Bom had ordered 80 Adderall pills from the US. This amphetamine-based nervous stimulant is banned in South Korea. The shipment was intercepted by authorities and the singer was probed.

YG Entertainment, which represented Park Bom then stated that the drug was imported from the US as part of her medical treatment. The agency said that Adderall pills were prescribed to Park Bom in the US. Despite clarification, the singer was subjected to accusations of drug trafficking.

Later, her current company D Nation issued a statement. "The import of the medicine Adderall in 2010 continues to be referred to as drug trafficking, but (we want to) correct this because Park Bom clearly did not take (illegal) drugs," D Nation said.

Park Bom then started receiving treatment at a local hospital and was administered an alternative to Adderall. As an answer to criticism, Park Bom returned to the stage with a mini album in March 2019. This was her first music release since leaving the band 2NE1 and agency YG Entertainment in 2017.

The song titled Spring also featured her 2NE1 bandmate, Sandara Park. This was her first solo track release since her single Don't Cry in 2011.