Park Bo Gum to sing an OST for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds?

Park Bo Gum plays male lead in period drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Park Bo Gum might be experiencing an adrenaline rush on seeing his dream taking a shape into reality. Rising star of the K-pop industry is all set to enliven his real ambition of becoming a singer in the upcoming episode of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

If thing go well, the actor will reportedly lend his voice to an OST of the period drama. As per an exclusive report by Ilgan Sport, Bo Gum might get a chance to sing the original sound track for the show. The source revealed: "It has not been recorded yet, but Park Bo Gum singing an OST is under discussion."

Apparently, the 23-year-old did not start his K-pop journey to become an actor. Instead, he wanted to become a singer - songwriter and was preparing for the same from the time he went to high school. The actor himself revealed: "My original dream was to become a singer-songwriter, so I sent a video of myself playing the piano and singing to all the big agencies."

Bo Gum also stated that he is still determined to fulfill his dream as a singer. He shared: "Currently, I work as an actor, but I still love music". He also expressed his desire to sing an OST in his previous interview with Men's Uno: "I have not forgotten about my dreams to become a singer. If given the chance, I want to take part in a drama OST making and also try out for musicals."