Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung dating? 'Really loved Prince Lee', says Moonlight star

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds aired its first episode on August 22 at 10 p.m. KST on KBS TV.

Kim Yoo Jung Park Bo Gum
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds aired its first episode on August 22 at 10 p.m. KST on KBS TV. Facebook

Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung showed incredible chemistry in the recently culminated period drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. However, the on-screen spark between the two has aroused rumours if the cute-looking couple is dating in real life.

Recently, while her interaction with E News, Yoo Jung revealed that her family was also thinking the same for both of the stars. The 17-year-old stated that her family was inquisitive about the relationship the actress shares with the rising Hallyu star. Relaying an incidence, Jung said: "My mom and sister were concerned and asked me if I really like Park Bo Gum."

Jung further expressed her liking for Bo Gum's character: "I think I really loved Prince Lee Young. Lee Young is a person who is smart and wise. How can you not love someone like that?"

And showering the actor with compliments, the May Queen actress said: "Because he's such a warm person, Prince Lee Young seemed like Bo Gum oppa, and Bo Gum oppa seemed like Prince Lee Young at times. Not only when we are acting, but he was also caring and considerate off-screen. He's a really good oppa."

Meanwhile, Jung, who entered the Korean entertainment industry as a child artist, has also showcased her affection for the lead star in her previous interviews. While interaction with ELLE, the pretty actress asserted: "Park Bo Gum oppa is really good to me. We're like siblings. Before we started production, we wanted to get close to each other so we did script readings together and went out to eat, but it felt awkward."

"When filming started, becoming closer happened naturally as we went through the difficulties together. Now not only Bo Gum oppa, but Jinyoung oppa and Kwak Dong Yeon oppa and all the seniors feel like family," the actress relayed.