Park Bo Gum compliments Princess Myeong-eun a.k.a Jung Hye Sung during shoots

Jung Hye Sung gushes about the Park Bo Gum, with whom she shares the screen space in KBS period drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

It's hard not to praise Park Bo Gum's pleasing personality and generous nature. Like all his co-stars, actress Jung Hye Sung could not resist gushing about the 23-year-old, with whom she shares the screen space in KBS period drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

While her appearance in KBS 2TV's Happy Together 3, the Blood actress seemed all immersed in the aura of Bo Gum. She affirmed that the rising Hallyu star is always there to help her and make her feel comfortable. Hye Sung, who plays Princess Myeong-eun in the drama, is bound to wear a special make up which she explains might be the reason for Bo Gum's concern: "Because I'm wearing special makeup he takes care of me well. He says I look cute and holds the fan to me," she said.

Adding further: "Even in difficult situations, Park Bo Gum is always bright. He's handsome and polite, but he's also sexy. He's nice to the point he'll give up water he was drinking when it's hot. Because he's immersed in his role, he's never called me noona," the 25-year-old relayed.

Actress Hye Sung has been a centre of attraction lately for her petite role and the transformation she goes through every time the shoot is on. As per reports, it takes more than four hours to get Princess Myeong-eun ready for her character.

Explaining the whole transition, a representative from the drama stated: "The artificial skin, made by molding silicon over a cast of Jung Hye Sung, is made of a soft texture to help it move with the muscles of the face, so it's impossible to reuse. Which is why our team goes through the long process of making the material again each time."

The staffer also complemented Hye sung, who "endures it well even though because the weather is hot, it must be 2-3 times more bothersome. She also barely eats during filming because if you eat, the artificial skin becomes raised." Meanwhile, as per reports, the character of Potato Star actress will soon be shown losing weight and Hye Sung can breathe in peace.