Ra Mi Ran
South Korean actress, Ra Mi Ran shared screen space with Park Bo Gum in television series Reply 1988. Facebook/cjesmiran

Veteran actress Ra Mi Ran shared her thoughts on Park Bo Gum's personality in a recent episode of Happy Together. The 41-year-old gets candid and spills beans over her relationship with the Reply 1988 co-star.

Bo Gum apparently shares a great bond with the South Korean actress. The rising Hallyu star previously revealed that Mi Ran is one of his closest female friends. While Mi Ran denies its true, she is touched to see the clip that PD plays of her talking to Bo Gum and giving him a hug on Sister's Slam Dunk.

Soompi states that the MCs of the show even asked Mi Ran to reveal whom the boy-next-door was dating. The Dancing Queen actress skipped the question and said: "Since it's a secret, I can't tell," however, she later jokes by adding "He's meeting me!"

On a serious note, Mi Ran praised the actor and revealed that he always makes an effort to keep in touch. She says that out of all her Reply 1988 co-stars, Bo Gum is the only one who tries to go beyond: "He sends me texts to ask me if I'm doing well, and says he's watching my drama," she explains.

She further jokingly asserts: "As everyone knows, Park Bo Gum has no flaws. He's so perfect that it's boring."Sometimes I say to him, 'You're too kind, so you're not charming," cracking laughter among all.