Paranormal radio show host Art Bell who always talked about UFOs and aliens dies

Art Bell
Radio show host Art Bell (Twitter) Twitter/Art Bell

Art Bell, the original host of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM died on April 13, 2018, aged 72. No cause of death has been announced pending an autopsy to be conducted later this week.

Art Bell was born on June 17, 1945, in North Carolina. Young Bell was interested in radio hosting since his childhood, and at the age of 13, he became a licensed amateur radio operator.

Bell became a hot figure among radio listeners when he started the show 'Coast to Coast AM' which mainly discussed topics related to paranormal activities and conspiracy theories. The radio show started in 1988, and Art Bell was the host of the show until he retired completely in 2007. After Art Bell's retirement, George Noory and George Knapp started hosting the show.

The major USP of 'Coast to Coast AM' was Bell's mysterious voice and the eerie mood of the show. Bell's influence can be seen in various paranormal programs including 'Twin Peaks' and 'The X Files'.

The most remembered episode in Art Bell's professional career happened in 1997 when he received a frantic call from a person who claimed that he is an employee in Area 51, the most secret American Air Force base. Interestingly, the call lasted only for two minutes, and mysteriously, it got knocked off the air.

"I am a former employee, I was let to go on a medical discharge about a week ago. What we are thinking as of aliens Art. They are extra-dimensional beings," told the unknown man to Art, and he was sobbing heavily.

During the talk, the former employee of Area 51 also hinted about a new world order which aims to reduce the population, so that everyone can be controlled easily. He also revealed that his life is in danger, but suddenly the connection was lost.

Here's the video:

This article was first published on April 16, 2018