Paradao, Korea K-goods export Festival with Metaverse


For SMEs participating in the K-GOODS Paradao in Ifland, a metaverse social communication service, an event was held. Starting with the first event in the first metaverse worldview held on the afternoon of August 3rd, until September 23rd and November 4th A total of 3 events were held. K-POP fans from all over Southeast Asia and overseas participated in this event.

K-pop idol group Wei and Fromis Nine fans showed high interest and participation, and it was a great success.

The MZ generation, familiar with the metaverse world, exchanged unique free expressions with each other throughout the event.

Interesting scenes were created throughout the event as they expressed colorful poses and humorous gestures suitable for their avatars.

In particular, the highlight of the event held at Ifland for the third time was the quiz show event.

It was time to watch the video of WEi and Fromis 9's trip to Paradise and solve the quiz.

The active poses of KPOP fans to gain the right to speak were enough to show how hot the participation in the event was.

The participating companies who saw this were amazed and said, 'I didn't expect so many people to come in and participate in the event'.

They expressed their satisfaction with the promotion of their company's brand. In addition, the metabus platform 'ZEPETO', which has 300 million users in 200 countries around the world, A promotional event was held for companies participating in Paradao. It was held in ZEPETO World specially designed for this Paradao event.

In particular, the fact that the CIs of participating companies in Paradao were fully posted in the world drew the attention of local overseas users.

Above all, in the session at the Paradao in ZEPETO event, talk about the characteristics of the product in front of the CI of your favorite small business brand

An event was held to take a photo and post it on their SNS channel, and as if to prove the popularity of KPOP, the SNS viral promotion effect was also achieved with a high participation rate.

The ID 'eyecon', who participated in this Paradao in Metaverse event, was a K-pop fan and it was a very fresh experience to be able to access Korean content in the metaverse world.

I had seen the products introduced by Promise 9, so it was nice to be able to purchase them this time."

The person in charge of planning this Paradao in Metaverse is ''In addition to having fun through watching Paradao videos, It naturally implants the brand image of small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the MZ generation, the potential consumer, I decided to induce sales in the online shop."