Pankaj and Vasundhara Oswal: The Father-Daughter Duo Shaping Africa's Growth Trajectory

Oswal Group Global

Pankaj Oswal, the son of the late industrialist Abhey Kumar Oswal, set out to carve his own path as a business leader in the year 2000. The Switzerland-based Indian entrepreneur was determined to make a name for himself on the strength of his own abilities and built his 3 billion US Dollars fortune from scratch. Today, he helms the multi-billion-dollar global corporations The Pankaj Oswal Group' and 'Oswal Group Global as the Chairman and has changed the petrochemical, mining, real estate, and fertiliser industries for the better.

Pankaj and Radhika Oswal tied the knot over 25 years ago and share two beautiful children. The family home in 'Villa Vari' in Switzerland, is one of the world's most expensive houses and is valued at over 200 million US Dollars. The place is the family's private retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city and a place for them to leave away worries and come together to unwind and enjoy life. Their daughters are set on continuing their parents' legacy as global trailblazers. Vasundhara and Ridi Oswal are prominent names in their fields and share their father's determination of being self-made and finding success through hard work, humility, and sincerity.

Vasundhara Oswal's latest ventures 'PRO Industries PTE LTD' and 'Axis Minerals' fall under the umbrella of Oswal Group Global, and cater to the vast Asian, European, and African markets. Axis Minerals also exports Bauxite to India and China. These endeavours follow the same line as Pankaj Oswal's 'Burrup Fertilisers', which was set up by him in Australia and was one of the largest ammonia plants in the world. The father-daughter duo share similar visions and are always on the lookout for innovations in the petrochemical and mining space.

Vasundhara Oswal, 24 is considered one of the richest self-made women entrepreneurs under 30 in Africa. She graduated with distinction with a Bachelors in Finance and took on a largely male-dominated industry of petrochemicals and mining. In a short span of 3 years she has been successful in managing one of the largest ethanol plants in East Africa and one of the largest bauxite mines in West Africa. As the Executive Director of 'PRO Industries', she leads the company's investment strategy and overall plant development and at 'Axis Minerals' where she is the Director General - she oversees finance and government liaisoning.

Vasundhara was quick to introduce newer, modernised, and financially efficient formats to standard industrial practices, and has embraced eco-friendly policies at the workplace. As a visionary leader who believes climate action is a need of the hour, she focuses on ensuring that 'PRO Industries' is as sustainable as possible, integrating a unique ZLD technology that provides 100% wastewater recycling as well as setting up a CO2 capturing plant where wastewater is resold to the beverage industry. She regularly stays at the campsites and construction sites, with limited food supplies and communications to stay in-tune with the ground information of the operations.

Vasundhara, deeply inspired by her sister's work as a singer-songwriter, used her business acumen to set up an entertainment label 'PROTunes Ltd.' The label is dedicated to young musicians like Ridi and supports the new wave of Indo-western artists.

Within her busy schedule, Vasundhara makes time to use her platform to highlight current social issues. She is an ardent campaigner for mental health, Vasundhara co-founded an anti-bullying campaign called 'Stop The B' along with her younger sister Ridi, to encourage young people to come out and speak freely against bullying. The world's first youth-led anti-bullying not-for-profit platform earned international attention and acclaim from academicians and celebrities, including footballer Ronaldinho Gaúcho and a speaker slot at the UNESCO World Anti-Bullying Forum.

The Oswals' work has impacted the continent's community deeply. Vasundhara leads charitable contributions as the head of the social responsibility department of 'Oswal Group Global' and has installed drinking water facilities and roadways in East Africa for underprivileged communities. Their companies and ventures have boosted employment, innovation, and diversity in Africa, and also introduced new technologies and ideas in the space.