Pankaj Sharma, Founder of Digi8 Marketing Provides Latest & Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Solutions to Start-Ups

Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma

Digital marketing has largely replaced traditional marketing strategies and methods. The small and large firm have shifted their focus to the online marketplace and making their presence felt here, resulting in a boom in the digital marketing sector.

But the place is huge and anyone can feel lost if not provided with the right strategies and techniques to grow here. India-born young entrepreneur and Founder of Digi8 Marketing Inc, Pankaj Sharma does exactly this. He has 7 years of experience in this field, proving his passion for the domain.

Digi8 provides digital marketing solutions to Indian and international clients. It provides SEO SEM and SMM, lead generation, app download, and e-commerce solutions which ensure higher search engine ranking and better visibility on the internet. As the internet is already filled with thousands of services providers providing similar services in the same domain getting higher ranking on the search engine is not as easy as it seems to be, Pankaj Sharma has found a unique solution for this, they work on 'Low CPC keywords with high search volumes '. This not only attracts more traffic to their client's website but also cuts the cost incurred. He also has his SEO service marketplace called Yolancer, which focuses only on digital marketing and got limited but quality sellers.

While SEO, SEM, and SMM are focused more on better visibility on the internet and brand positioning Lead generation Appl download and E-commerce solutions are related to increased sales volumes using the latest technology. The solutions are tailormade as per the client's requirements. They not only differ with the change in the industry but also according to size and requirement of the business. Pankaj says "Digital marketing is the need of the hour, for any and every size of business. We try to decrease the excess dependency on only Google AdSense and provide all-around solutions. Digital marketing is not only about Google AdSense, it includes multiple platforms including social media platforms."

Lead generation, app installs, and E-com sales services to startups are a very essential part of modern digital marketing solutions. These are the 3 major categories around which businesses work at present. Their sales are depended on either or a combination of these 3. Pankaj says "Most of the companies nowadays prefer to have their own mobile applications; their success is directly proportional to the number of downloads these apps get. We develop strategies to create more awareness about these apps to ensure maximum downloads. Similarly, for those who depend on e-com platforms, we ensure that their products/services get higher visibility on desired e-com platforms."

Pankaj's first tryst with the digital world POPO was a successful venture in android apps, the gaming world, and digital marketing. His other talked about venture was KoolPunjabi which was a social media site connecting Punjabis living abroad with Indian Punjabi. Although it was an interesting project but could not achieve expected success due to the already popular giant Facebook. He was also trying to gain through google AdSense but due to lack of a unique approach could not gain anything between 2011-2015. His cousin brother even decided to quit in 2013 but Pankaj was convinced that this is what he wants to do, and he just has to find what is not working in his favor and how it should be turned. Finally, the unique idea clicked for him which was 'Low CPC keyword with high research volume'

Pankaj Sharma also has an informative YouTube channel that provides guidance on digital marketing, SEO, and affiliate marketing. He says "Internet is full of such videos and links which claim to provide information, but most of them are half baked or very cursory, we try to provide complete step by step information, without misleading, so that newbies get proper in-depth information of the domain which is the major requirement to succeed in any business.

"I work on two-fold strategy, one is to provide cost-effective digital marketing solutions to startups not only to increase the visibility or better brand positioning but also to ensure better sales volume, which may not come only with visibility. Second is to create more awareness and train more people in the domain of digital marketing as this is not only a lucrative career but industry too need more talented and result oriented people," sums up Pankaj.