Pangu iOS 9.2 – iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak: Common problems and how to fix them

Comprehensive guide to fix common problems with Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.2 - iOS 9.3.3.

Pangu, the popular Chinese jailbreak-developer team recently rolled out a semi-tethered jailbreak for iOS 9.2 through iOS 9.3.3 while several users have reported issues with it as they are unable to successfully jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Cydia installation issues on iPod Touch 6G and iPad Pro

Numerous iPad pro and iPod Touch 6G users are reporting Cydia is not installed when their device reboots, after clicking the circle button in the PP jailbreak app and locking the device.

Pangu aka PP jailbreak is currently confirmed to have a bunch of inherent bugs and known issues as there is no fix available at the moment.

Pangu jailbreak fails to install

Pangu jailbreak app is unable to install successfully on iOS devices running the latest update from Apple, which includes bug-fixes for exploits being used in the new hack tool. Furthermore, the peak traffic on the PP's servers seems to be crashing all jailbreak installations in the mid-way due to connectivity issues.

The only viable workaround for this issue is to use the PPHelper app to install jailbreak directly on your iOS device without connecting to a computer.

Apple ID error while installing jailbreak

The Pangu jailbreak can only be installed through sideloading the app on your device, which makes use of your registered Apple ID to login to a developer profile. If you encounter any error while signing into your account with Apple ID and password then you should disable the two-factor authentication for the account. Here is how you do it:

Go to Settings > iCloud and then tap on the Apple ID. Now select Password & Security and disable Two-Factor Authentication.

Location services not working

If Location Services are not working after installing the jailbreak, here is what you should do:

  • Go to Settings > General and select Reset > Reset All Settings.
  • If the issue persists, try installing the LibLocation via Cydia to fix the GPS problem:
  • Open Cydia and select Search tab and now search for libLocation and launch it.
  • If the package is not found, go to Changes tab, hit the Refresh button and after the page gets refreshed, you can search for the package again.
  • Hit Install in the top right corner of Cydia and give the confirmation to install the package on your device. Wait until the package installs and then respring your device and enable Location Services.

Cydia not launching after re-jailbreak

As the new Pangu/PP jailbreak app is semi-tethered, your jailbroken iOS device will lose jailbreak after every reboot. In other words, you need to restore your device and re-jailbreak it if Cydia fails to launch after the reboot.

Pangu app not launching on the computer

If the downloaded Pangu app is not opening, try re-downloading the app and then retry the jailbreak process. Pangu team has already acknowledged several of these issues and working on them to release a proper fix as soon as possible.

[Source: iPhone Hacks]