Pakistani Soldier Killed in Firing Along Afghan Border

The militants who are from Pakistan regularly assault the border posts from the side of Afghanistan

A Pakistani soldier was killed in cross-border firing from the Afghan side in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Wednesday, officials said.

An army statement said that terrorists carried out a firing raid from the Afghan side of the bilateral border on a security forces' post in Bajaur district, Xinhua news agency reported.

Pakistani Soldier Killed

Pakistan flag
Pakistan flag (Representational image) Pixabay

Pakistani security officials have long been saying that militants have crossed the border into Afghanistan as a result of major operations in the country's tribal regions. The Pakistani militants routinely attack the border posts from the Afghan side.

Pakistan and Afghanistan have a nearly 2,600-km border, mostly porous. Pakistan is fencing the border with Afghanistan to block the movement of the militants.