Pakistan Economic Crisis: 35-Yr-Old Dies by Suicide Over Exorbitant Power Bill, Second Such Death in a Week Amid Protests

Amid the ongoing protests across Pakistan against inflated power bills, a man committed suicide after failing to pay a 40,000 PKR electricity bill, the second such incident this week, the media reported on Wednesday.

The family of Muhammad Hamza (35), from Dijkot city in Punjab province, told police that he was already at his wits' end due to financial constraints and the exorbitant electricity bill led him to take the drastic step, Dawn news reported.

When he could not pay his bill, he shot himself dead.

Pakistan refugee camp
A refugee camp in Pakistan Reuters

However, Dijkot police said an investigation would be carried out into the incident to confirm facts.

The deceased was the father of two minor children.

On Tuesday, The Express Tribune had reported that a woman in Punjab province committed suicide after electricity was not restored at her home despite paying a bill of 10,000 PKR.

According to victim's husband, he had sold household items and taken a loan to pay the bill but the Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) had not restored the supply that had been disconnected because of non-payment.

He said that there was no money for food after paying the bill.

Out of frustration, the victim took her own life by consuming poison.

The tragic incidents come as the caretaker government has failed to come up with any relief measures for the agitating citizens, reports Dawn news.

At a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday presided by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar, the interim set-up expressed helplessness on how to address the issue, even on spreading electricity bills in instalments unless the International Monetary Fund cleared it.

Meanwhile, nationwide protests over power bills entered the fifth day on Tuesday, with citizens taking to the streets, blocking roads and torching their bills as a sign of anger at rising electricity prices.

The Jamaat-i-Islami has also announced a countrywide strike on Saturday against the soaring electricity bills.