Painting That Looks Similar to a White Canvas on Sale for $3.5 Million at Auction

The painting, which is named Stranger#37, is going to be sold by the London-based Sotheby's at the auction next Tuesday

A painting that looks all white from a particular distance is expected to be going on sale for around $3.5 million, as per reports. It is only closer up that the 2008 work by the artist named Glenn Ligon can be witnessed to feature test from the Stranger in the Village, which is an essay from 1953 on civil rights by the activist and author James Baldwin.

The painting named Stranger#37, is going to be sold by the London-based Sotheby's at the auction next Tuesday. While the majority of the people might struggle with the meaning of the painting, the catalog of the auction helpfully points out that it uses "a medium that expresses the inability to articulate, as per reports.

White Painting to Go on Sale

White Painting (Representational Image)
White Painting (Representational Image) Pixabay

Sotheby's calls it, "Profoundly poetic and compelling, a monument to the Black American struggle for visibility, recognition and ultimately freedom," as reported by The Sun. If a person still does not understand all will become clear as the catalog explained, "Ligon layers coal dust and white oil stick, rendering recognizable characters that are dichotomously decipherable and concealed. Stranger #37 becomes a visual metaphor for the fragmented experience and representation of both the Black individual and artist in America."

"Employing radical abstraction and the symbolic poeticism of a monochromatic visual landscape, Stranger #37 is an exquisite example of both Ligon's singular conceptual artistic vocabulary and career-long exploration of questions of race and representation," the catalog added.

Black Americans have been facing oppression for a long time in the US. In recent times, a man named George Floyd got killed as he was choked by a police officer to death in Minneapolis. The police officer knelt on the neck of the man as he lost his life. This incident started a worldwide protest as many people came out in the streets to voice their against anger police brutality.