'Painful Loss': Monica Lewinsky on Death of Ken Starr Who Investigated Bill Clinton Sex Scandal

Monica Lewinsky says the death of US Solicitor General Ken Starr, who investigated former US President Bill Clinton in the 1990s which eventually led to his impeachment, is a "painful loss for those who love him". The former White House intern tweeted that her thoughts about Ken Starr bring up complicated feelings.

Starr, as per an official statement from his family died, at the age of 76, of complications from surgery at Baylor St Luke's Medical Center in Houston, Texas. He had been hospitalized in an intensive care unit in Houston for about four months. Randall, Starr's son, said the family is deeply saddened with the loss of their dear and loving father and grandfather. He is admired for his prodigious work.

Who was Ken Starr?

Ken Starr, of Vernon Texas, served as solicitor general under President George H.W. Bush prior to his appointment as the independent counsel to investigation Clinton's role in the Whitewater controversy.

He headed the grand jury testimony that Clinton gave in a sexual harassment lawsuit that he never had sexual relations with Lewinsky. Starr conducted an investigation an investigation that revealed the nature of Clinton and Lewinsky's relationship, leading to Clinton's impeachment in 1998. The former president was impeached on perjury and obstruction of justice charges by the House. But he was acquitted by the Senate of all charges.

Ken Starr
Former US Solicitor General Ken Starr died at the age of 76 of complications from surgery. AP

Starr served as a member of former President Donald Trump's legal defense team during his Senate impeachment trial in 2020. He was the president of Pepperdine University from 2004 – 2010, and became the 14th president of Baylor University from 2010 – 2016.

Starr's family described him as full of energy, endearing sense of humour, and a truly special human being.

Scandalous Affair Defined Lewinksy's Life

But the scandalous affair defined much of Lewinsky's life. She wrote an essay for Vanity Fair in 2018 wherein she described the time she crossed paths with Starr for the first time almost 20 years since the investigation.

Monica Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky says the death of Ken Starr is a painful loss. Getty Images

Lewinsky, an American activist and television personality, wishes she had made different choices back then, and wishes the office had made different choices too. She realized that she was paving the way for him to apologize, but he never did. He just said that it was unfortunate.