Pageant Queen Turned Tech Entrepreneur changes the Creator Economy

Shriya Boppana, 24-year-old Head of Community Engagement and partner, was only in college when she joined Liveplex.

Freshly crowned Miss India America 2020, she eagerly awaited on one end of a Zoom call for what she thought would be a one-off interview about her new title - but the Desis.Live team had other plans. Shortly after a successful interview on her journey to the crown, they sat down and asked Boppana if she had any interest in the media and entertainment industry; bringing her on board just a week later as the new host of their Desis.Live Bollywood Media radio show.

Shriya Boppana
Shriya Boppana

Desis.Live's 'news, reviews, and interviews' slogan was soon overtaken with movie premieres, celebrity partnerships, and big company endorsements under Boppana's watch. The brand, the first South Asian press company in the USA, grew in thousands on social media before Boppana was promoted to a partner of LivePlex. Serving as a Web 3.0 transformation company, LivePlex brought the metaverse to fan engagement, creating life-like worlds for companies across the globe.

At a multi-million dollar valuation, star-studded client base, and the official NFT partner of Oracle, Boppana is spearheading the marketing department onboarding creators for the first time. A creator herself, Boppana boasts a resume of brand partnerships with Amazon Prime, Bumble, Handshake, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Adobe, Tangle Teezer, Mugler, Tommy Hilfiger and much more.

This gender and sex crime activist and beauty queen has been making waves since 2020 with her work being featured on ABC as a 'Future Leader of America,' Fox 5 as a 'Voice for the Voiceless,' and Flaunt Magazine as a 'New Generation Beauty Pageant Champion.' Now Boppana is fronting the next step in the creator economy by intensifying the way fans interact with their favorite influencers and involving them first-hand in the creation process.

Boppana is set to give big tech companies a run for their money. This Indian-American beauty pageant titleholder, activist, author, and on-air personality now adds tech entrepreneur to her growing list of descriptors proving to be a digital age revolutionary.