Ozzy Osbourne 'Pretends' to be Drunk and Drugged and His Persona is 'Smokescreen', Claims Friend

Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has lived life in notorious ways and started out as a wild rocker who stayed true to his brash personality for more than five decades. However, Ozzy's close friend Max Norman thinks otherwise.

Norman claims that Ozzy has engineered his drunk and drugged persona for years and his look is nothing but a ''smokescreen'' showing he's pretending to struggle from substance abuse.

Ozzy Osbourne
Twitter / Ozzy Osbourne

His close friend even claimed that Ozzy has on several occasions pretended to be drunk when he's in company of people he ''doesn't want to be bothered with,'' and his appearance has given him license to walk away from the room.

Norman's claims come despite Ozzy battling drink and drug addictions for decades and even coming close to death due to overdose. The rocker has always been intoxicated leaving no doubt that he's addicted to it.

Ozzy during his prime had strange habits including eating bats and biting the heads of doves. Motley Crue's documentary 'The Dirt' on Netflix shows the rocker snorting ants through a straw seconds after urinating on them.

''I think that some of it is a little bit of a smokescreen. When he doesn't want to be bothered with people, he kind of burbles a bit or whatever,'' said Norman to the DailyStar and continued, ''But he's a lot more lucid than people think. People just think he's out of it, but he's not out of it, and I don't know if that's on purpose or just by accident or just by design or just by habit.''

Norman, obviously doesn't deny the fact that Ozzy is the most talented personality in the heavy metal space, kicking it out for more than five decades with Black Sabbath and touring the world with delivering stellar concerts.

''He was a top-notch singer in those days, and he's still pretty good, considering how long of a career he's had, the guy really is a really good singer, and that's really probably what's going on behind everything else. He wasn't difficult to work with at all, and basically, of course, floating on top of this massively talented band that all of a sudden he seemed to have pulled together,'' he said.

Norman summed it up by saying, ''I've got to tell you, as a singer, he's a top-notch singer,'' to which the whole world agrees.