Oxygen Treatment to 'Reverse Aging' Show Promising Result, Reveals Israeli Expert

Israeli doctor, Shai Efrati, conducted the experiment on 63 healthy people and all of them aged 65-plus

A doctor from Israel has claimed that he has figured out the process to reverse aging in the human brain and revealed that he successfully tried the new process on volunteers.

The Israeli doctor, Shai Efrati, has found that when healthy adults aged above 65 underwent a special oxygen therapy, their cognitive function improved along with the function of the brain's tissue.

X-ray of human brain
Human brain Reuters

Efrati, who is a Tel Aviv University associate professor and a senior doctor at the Shamir Medical Center in Tzrifin near Rishon Lezion that treats more than 200 patients daily, told the Times of Israel that this process of "reverses aging" improves cognitive function, instead of just slowing its decline.

"This is the first time that there is a biological intervention that improves the biology of the brain in the normal aging population. The decline that comes with aging doesn't need to be taken as given," he noted.

Reverse Ageing Research in Israel

A 69-year-old volunteer from the experiment by name Avi Rabinovitch said that after going through the experimental process his memory and cognitive functions have improved while adding that he joined the study as a healthy individual and "left it a tiger."

There were 63 people who joined the experiment and all of them aged 65-plus. As per the news outlet, these participants took the MRI scans to test their cognitive abilities before the beginning of the experiment. Efrati then gave some of the volunteers a 60-day course of treatment. During this time, they had to spend a two-hour stint in a pressurized chamber--hyperbaric chamber--for five times a week, while breathing pure oxygen for some of the time.

At the end of the experiment participants who did not go through the hyperbaric chamber sessions had similar MRI results as they did at the start, with the same cognitive ability. But Efrati found a significant difference in those who received the oxygen therapy procedure and found the improvements held in tests six months later. His findings were published after peer-review, in the journal Aging on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

Oxygen Therapy
HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber Wikimedia commons

As per the reports, Aviv Scientific, a company co-founded by Efrati has been in the process of developing oxygen therapy programs for healthy adults since 2017. The company has already started to offer private sessions in the U.S. since June.

A professor of psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hillel Aviezer, who was not involved in the experiment conducted by Efrati said even though it is an interesting study, "there is still room for caution in interpreting the results."