Owner and former manager of Dodge County strip club charged with federal offenses

Michael C. Siegel, 52, and Scott D. Hoeft, 40, have been indicted under two counts related to prostitution and human trafficking

Two men from Wisconsin were indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday for offenses related to the operation of a strip club in Dodge County. The indictment contains charges related to prostitution and human trafficking.

Michael C. Siegel, 52, currently from Fox Lake, Wisconsin, the owner of the strip club 'The Hardware Store', and Scott D. Hoeft, 40, from Watertown, Wisconsin, a former bartender and manager at the club, have been indicted under two counts.

What the indictment charges are

The first count alleges that the two conspired with each other and others to use the club's facilities to promote, manage, and carry on unlawful prostitution offenses between 2009 and 2018. The second count alleges that the two made false statements to law enforcement investigating human trafficking offenses in April 2018.

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"These charges send a warning to any business owner who works with a pimp to facilitate illegal prostitution. When a pimp is involved, women are often being trafficked by force, fraud, and coercion," said US Attorney Matthew D. Krueger in a statement. He also reaffirmed the Justice Department's commitment to prosecuting sex trafficking.

Conspiracy to generate revenue through unlawful activities

The indictment states that the purpose of the conspiracy was to generate profits for the club by making its champagne and lap dance rooms available for illegal prostitution activities, including intercourse, fetish activities, and oral sex.

"The charges brought against Siegel and Hoeft send a strong and clear message that we will not tolerate this criminal activity and we will use all resources available to us to hold offenders accountable," said Dale J. Schmidt, Dodge County Sheriff.

A conviction under the first count could result in the indicted facing up to five years imprisonment, and up to eight years imprisonment if convicted under the second count. Additionally, each of the convictions come with a maximum term of 3 years of supervised release following any prison sentence, and a maximum fine of $250,000.