Jailbroken iPhone and iPad devices are the most susceptible to security attacks. By nature, they these devices do not get official updates since they would revert back to their original un-jailbroken state.

But in a new announcement, modified iOS devices have been recommended to add the iOS 11.2 security fixes. This patch is particularly intended to resolve some damaging bugs that potentially use Wi-Fi to gain illicit entry to smartphones and tablets.

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A new tweak issued to Cydia has been recommended for older jailbroken firmware as they are most likely to get issues brought by the likes of Broadpwn and KRACK. Called wifiFirmwareUpdater, this jailbreak tweak allows users to purge their devices from potential gateways to hackers without the need to update to the official iOS 11.2.

In 2017, smartphones were attacked Broadpwn and KRACK, among other bugs that affected millions of users both on Android and iOS around the world. Those with 64-bit iOS iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices can depend on the wifiFirmwareUpdater as it secures them from imminent cyber attacks.

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The Broadpwn malware enables remote hackers to execute arbitrary code through Broadcom's Wi-Fi chips and manipulate the device however they want to. KRACK, meanwhile, targets the Wi-Fi WPA security protocol which is ironically engineered to safeguard connected users from potential attacks.

To download the wifiFirmwareUpdater tweak, click here. This is a free download.