Overcome Your Own Limits with TRIVO: Alessandro Cassano's Goal-Oriented Method

Alessandro Cassano

Finding a training system focused on providing results that are favorable to the body's well-being is simple. Alessandro Cassano knows about it, that's why he decided to break the paradigms and go far beyond just offering body transformation with his training.

Dedicated to the world of fitness and personal growth for years, this Coach Life has devoted his life to undertake with his knowledge of his training methodology. However, his experience is not only based on enriching a person's physical well-being, but also on going much further, working his mind, focusing on the goals.

TRIVO (Intensive and Definitive Training of Objectives) is the name of Cassano's training system. Its basic purpose is to work based on the goals and needs of each person, that is, it is based on individual training.

This project, which is in full development, is different from other systems because Alessandro combines his knowledge as a personal trainer and as a specialist in neurolinguistic programming in only one objective: to find the psycho-physical of a person.

Trust, alliance, and sharing

TRIVO represents one of Alessandro's greatest achievements as a professional and as a person. This, besides being part of his growth, encompasses in every aspect every detail to which he has dedicated part of his life to prepare himself.

The training system is developed based on trust, alliance, and sharing. Through coaching sessions mainly, Alessandro tries to establish a direct relationship with the person, who will have the possibility to define his needs. And, with it, to consider the real goals to reach.

At TRIVO, Alessandro shares the experience he has gained in the particularity of "One to One" coaching, in which the particular attention to each person and their needs allowed him to achieve better results.

Likewise, it is during this process that the interested parties know their process, resources, and limits while preparing to carry out the evolution of their results.

Motivation always present

For Alessandro, the motivational presence is elemental in every phase of the training. That is why, during the training, he allows the trainees to communicate their needs, objectives, and achievements. This will allow him to move forward and encourage them to continue working towards better results.

For him, it is precisely the encouragement and support he provides to people that give them greater security to continue to evolve favorably. At the same time, they focus on remaining encouraged to overcome their limits.

"For me, the personal trainer and the life coach are two sides of the same coin because both sides, physical and mental, are important to feel good at 360 degrees," Alessandro points out. And that's where the development of his training system is focused.

Wellness icon

Alessandro Cassano has dedicated his entire life to physical and mental preparation and to strengthening his knowledge on this basis. Since he was a child, he excelled in sports and what many adopt as a job for him goes beyond.

Passion, motivation, and mission are the aspects with which Alessandro defines the role he plays in the lives of those who follow his training systems. He distinguishes himself by adding value to his work as an elemental part of his life. It is not just a physical aspect, but a lifestyle that maintains their complete well-being.

That is why, throughout his career, he has focused on growing professionally, and obtaining as much knowledge as possible to provide a quality service.

This has also allowed him to become his own personal brand. He understood throughout his experience that part of growth is to innovate as society advances and that is why he has generated in the digital environment, his website, and a space in social media, where he not only shares from the professional aspect but also personally.

Currently, this personal trainer is focused on the growth and promotion of its training system, which runs hand in hand with a team of specialists guided by him and all to ensure the welfare of each person in his charge.