Overcome your Fear of Failure: How Manuel Marinari Went From a Blogger to a Marketer and Entrepreneur

Manuel Marinari

Most people are afraid even to start their journey to achieve their dreams. They're scared to death of failure, they care about judgement and they accept opinions from others who are less qualified than them. Manuel Marinari is a different category, focused on achieving his dreams and working for them for as long as it takes. He tried, he failed, he succeeded. "That's the natural process," Marinari says and "you have to push harder until you get it".

Within three years of starting this business, Marinari had reached sales to important brands in the Asia- Pacific area and collaborated with many important public figures all over the world. Why and how did he achieve his business goal? Being consistent and persistent. Social media is a complex environment that constantly evolves but it also gives infinite possibilities to everyone who has access to the network. The rest is entirely on you.

He continues to work with the same perseverance, dedication, and passion that allows him to expand considerably as an international reference and as a notable contributor writer for many online magazines.

It is Only You and your Goal

For Manuel, your dream and your purpose are the most important key points in your life for your happiness and your future. You don't want to regret anything because you listened to your parents or someone who did nothing in his life. You start working at your own pace and take small actions that bring you closer to your goals, success is likely to be greater, you will fail and you will learn how to don't repeat the same mistakes, this is the secret.

It's all about determination and your mindset, there's only you and your target, nobody and nothing else.

Change your Mindset

For this entrepreneur, the mentality is a fundamental aspect. It is maintaining a mentality focused on self-confidence, potential, and ideals that will allow you to move forward even when things don't turn out the way you expect. Be realistic, set deadlines, study and every day you will improve.

Overcome your Fears

Marinari clearly stated that failure is a necessary learning process. Not as something permanent in your life, but as a process that is surely inevitable, especially in the beginning.

Every failure is an opportunity to make the chances of success even higher in the next endeavour. Take a look at the profile of any of the highest achieving entrepreneurs and you'll find that it's smattered with mistakes and failings but we all know and we will remember them for their achievements.

Besides, he advises young people who are recently bombarded with comments and judgements from the "open-world" of social media. You do not need to care about positive and negative comments either. You do your research, you get your knowledge and you follow your path without letting anybody get in your way.