Over 80,000 People Worldwide Are Seeking Positivity

Our Mindset

Our Mindset, the educational non-profit that promotes the mindset for success worldwide, just reached 80,000 members on the leading audio-chat social network Clubhouse.

To celebrate this event, the club invites many more people looking to achieve their goals to join the community and experience the benefits the organization can offer.

The club was born out of a controversial, record-breaking "room" on the app with the topic - "Our Mindset: Are we thinking poor, middle class, or rich?". This room has been the longest-running room on Clubhouse for a duration of more than three weeks and was the foundation upon which its committed leaders emerged.

Since its founding in May of 2021, the club has kept rooms open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Various topics of interest have been addressed, ranging from personal development to business development. Therefore, anyone from any time zone can tune in to the conversation happening live at that moment.

All these aspects are perhaps what has led the club to achieving its exponential growth. However, our sources tell us that they are there not only for the message but also for the access they have to celebrities and public figures.

Upon starting a new room, the listeners hear Magic Johnson, a former NBA player for the LA Lakers, said, "I want to congratulate Manny Fernandez for founding the fastest growing community on Clubhouse, Our Mindset. Take it from me, Our Mindset is everything to becoming a success in whatever you do."

The multitude of public figures Our Mindset has hosted on its stage include Les Brown (World Famous Motivational Speaker), Grant Cardone (Undercover Billionaire), John Assaraf (from the movie "The Secret"), and Mahisha Dellinger (TV personality of Oprah Winfrey Network), Manny Fernandez (Silicon Valley Angel Investor) and many more.

During these special events, the guest speakers are interviewed and asked to share their stories. Most importantly, they share their mindset; but you will find that there are also regular weekly events held on the community's forum.

On Mondays at 6 PM (PST), there are psychology talks with Dr. Norman Fried, a frequent contributor on the TV show Dr. Phil. Tuesdays at 7 PM (PST), Ricardo Whyte, M.D./Psychiatrist, and on Thursdays at 7 PM (PST), Manny Fernandez, Our Mindset founder talks about the success mindset.

If you are looking for knowledge and support to improve your lifestyle and achieve success, Our mindset has the solution for you. Join the Our Mindset club, and they will help you achieve it. Our Mindset helps you to become a winner or change your habits to achieve your advancement in life.