Outlaw Records Owner Sandy Joia, "I Make Songs That Showcase True Punjabi Music To People

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Surinderpal Singh

Surinderpal Singh, aka Sandy, is the owner of 'Outlaw Records,' a production company responsible for a number of chart-topping singles and talented vocalists. Sandy's life has been shaped by music since childhood. He used to listen to music from all around the world. That's when Joia decided to pursue a career in music and opened his studio.

Minda, Ekam Sudhar, Veer Sandhu, Vikram Gill, Navaan Sandhu, Varinder Brar, and Roop Bhullar are talented performers who have collaborated with Punjabi music producer Sandy Joia's Outlaw Records. Navaan Sandhu's "Black-life," Minda's "Thik-Thak," Kyu Nahi Dekhda's "Kyu Nahi Dekhda," and Sidhu Moosewala's "Muuchh" are among his extremely successful songs.

Outlaw Records' success has made Sandy Joia very delighted. He has collaborated with several incredible musicians and intends to release more songs on his YouTube account. On his social media platforms, the producer will make an official statement soon.

Surinderpal Singh

Sandy, on the success of his production house and a passion for music, and he adds, "I've always known I wasn't cut out for a 9 to 5 job. Art and cinema, especially music, are my greatest loves. One day, I made the decision to open my own production company in order to give new and talented Punjabi vocalists in our country an opportunity. It enables me to provide a safe platform for musicians while also allowing me to showcase true Punjabi music to people all over the world. My goal is to live a fulfilling life, encourage musicians, and ensure that people appreciate our music."

This article was first published on September 2, 2021