Out of Coronavirus, Oklahoma Doctor Describes Hallucinations of Birds Flying in Room

  • He Claimed that he saw Birds Flying Around his Room While Battling Coronavirus for Three weeks

  • He Visualized Some Dead Friends Coming to Visit him During the Ordeal

A testimonial shared by a US doctor sheds light on the mental state of coronavirus patients during the treatment. Named Michael Ward, the doctor from Oklahoma claimed that he barely remembers anything, as he battled coronavirus in intensive care for almost three weeks.

In addition to what others had undergone such as fever and muscle pain, the 71-year-old doctor said he had undergone weird visual hallucinations as he spent three weeks in Hillcrest Hospital, Tulsa.

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"It was difficult not being the doctor, but the doctor that was taking care of me knew as much as I did. I swear you do not want to do what I had to do. I remember birds flying in my room. I remember petting my dog, and I remember having people visit me who are no longer living," Ward told KFOR.

An Emotionally Shattered Medical Professional

While talking with KFOR, Ward also shared the emotional trauma he faced while battling coronavirus. The doctor also claimed that he is now feeling afraid to go back to work after recovery.

"It was a one day at a time type of agony. I won't call myself a fighter but I didn't want to die. I have never been scared to go to work before, and now I am scared," said the doctor, thanking healthcare professionals in Hillcrest Hospital for saving his life. Doctors at the hospital said Ward would need at least eight weeks for complete recovery, and he should continue physical therapy to regain his muscle strength.

Coronavirus will Continue Killing Spree

A few days back, Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota had claimed that coronavirus will not slow down until it affects 60 to 70 percent population in the United States.

The medical expert also hinted at the possibility of a second wave which could turn deadlier than the first outbreak. Osterholm predicted that countries like South Korea and Singapore will be badly affected if a second outbreak happens.

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