The OUS Royal Academy in Switzerland Receives the Prestigious ECLBS Accreditation

OUS Royal Academy

In one major step towards the global academic accreditation, OUS Royal Academy Switzerland has indicated to have been recently awarded an accreditation by the European Council for Leading Business Schools. This prestigious accreditation justifies Royal Academy as a relentless pursuer of excellence in higher education combined with the highest educational standards and a commitment to providing world-recognized qualifications.

ECLBS is respected for its high standards and accepted by ten national state accreditation bodies in the world and has its membership with the USA-based Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the European-based International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE)—two of the most reputable quality assurance bodies worldwide.

Accreditation by the ECLBS is another mark to the achievements of OUS Royal Academy and further cements its position in the international arena as one of the few leading institutions offering modern programs in business, technology, and management. These programs are very professionally set so as to be able to handle the needs of the local and international students alike so that they get the all-inclusive view of the global business environment and be set to face the challenge of tomorrow.

OUS Royal Academy has also revamped the online look and feel to better accommodate and engage its students. Here it is: This digital reformation accompanies a new web address,, and not what was there before- The new site is part of our bigger rebranding scheme to make information even more accessible, give detailed insights on the benefits of ECLBS accreditation, and a lot more. All prospective and current students can now get easy access to the new website at and learn about the huge number of programs on offer and why accreditation with ECLBS is necessary in order to give them an advantage in their educational and career pursuits. This is also to ensure user experience will further be enhanced and will remain at the center of the Academy's vision on academic innovation and brilliance.

It is on this platform that OUS Royal Academy is well founded to maintain the huge legacy of excellence and leadership in higher education, contributing towards the making of the next generation of global leaders. The Academy remains committed to further the expansion of academic offerings and develop the learning environment to the level that meets the expectation of the diverse student bodies.