Osman Osman, a serial entrepreneur and Northern Warriors cricket team co-owner, talks about the keys to success

Shaaista Khan Osman

He and his wife Shaaista Khan Osman, as founders of "Blu Blood", have created their own unique success story in the events and entertainment niche.

There are several individuals and professionals in this world who go ahead in creating their unique space in their respective industries. However, a few individuals still stand apart from the crowd for the kind of passion and perseverance they show in their work and the resilience with which they keep moving on their path, facing all the challenges and hurdles. Serving as one of the best examples of such serial entrepreneurs is Osman Osman, who together with his wife and partner, Shaaista Khan Osman, has risen to the top in the lifestyle, events and entertainment space with their firm "Blu Blood".

In a chance meeting, their friendship turned into a romantic as well as professional relationship by deciding to merge their brands and focus full-time on their passion for live entertainment. The husband-wife as the MD and CEO respectively of Blu Blood has made waves in the industry by offering extensive services, a wealth of knowledge to clients within each of the specialist divisions in the company, including artist & tour management, event & project management, public relations, social media & digital marketing.

Talking about the keys to success, Osman and Shaaista give out a few points below -

  • Be solution-oriented: Shaaista Khan Osman says people must always look past the current problems to find robust solutions. Choosing to focus on solutions instead of only problems takes people to greater success levels, she says.
  • Never take 'No' for an answer: When people manage teams and deal with different professionals in a competitive industry, they must always strive to make things happen at the right time and never take 'No' for an answer, points out Osman.
  • Listen: People often respond before listening because they only hear things but do not listen to understand them. Shaaista says that people must hone their listening skills, understand what the market wants and act accordingly to provide the best services, be it in any industry.
  • Have a strong team: Osman explains that when you are in the entertainment space, you provide entertainment as a service to people. This can be possible only when a company is driven by industry experts and a strong team of passionate professionals who make this possible.

Osman today has also been doing exceedingly well as the co-owner of the Northern Warriors cricket team in Abu Dhabi. The company has grown amidst these trying times, with Blu Blood already hosting successful and ground-breaking Bollywood live events in Dubai.

Blu Blood have collaborated with many local and internationally renowned performers, including the likes of Shreya Ghoshal, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, comedian Orlando Jones and Russel Peters. They are the brains behind the long-standing comedy show Kings & Queens of Comedy and also exclusively manage Tumi Morake, Ndumiso Lindi and Riaad Moosa.

Blu Blood, with headquarters in both South Africa and Dubai, , also produced various stand-up comedy shows for Marc Lottering, Loyiso Gola, Joey Rasdien, Conrad Koch and Nik Rabinowitz, as well as Tumi Morake and Riaad Moosa's one-man shows for Netflix's Comedians of the World Series, Riaad Moosa's Doctor's Orders and Tumi Morake's Tumi or Not Tumi, both released on Netflix.

From entertainment to sports, Osman and Shaaista have broken boundaries and excelled at everything.