Oscars 2019: Will Chris Pratt replace Kevin Hart amid Academy's panic to find a host?

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Chris Pratt

The awards season is about to begin and yet there doesn't seem to be a host for the Oscars in sight. The Academy for Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is worried after previous host Kevin Hart stepped down amid his homophobic tweets scandal.

As the new year starts, the Academy finally seems to be realising that they still have a major preparation to make for the Awards show. They need to find a host on priority. The 91st Oscars will be held on February 24, which is less than two months away.

Sources within the Academy have told The Hollywood Reporter that they have no idea how things are progressing, but are growing increasingly concerned as Hollywood's biggest night rapidly approaches.

It is being reported that such a last-minute panic regarding the selection of a host has happened only twice before in Academy history. The last eleventh hour appointment was Jon Stewart before the 78th Oscars and when Whoopi Goldberg was announced as the host of the 74th.

In the current social climate, the Academy seems to have a tough job ahead as it has narrowed down what it does not want. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Academy does not want someone who is socially divisive (especially after the Hart debacle), having concluded that politically-outspoken hosts have contributed to the show's ratings decline in recent years.

It has also been mentioned that the Academy does not want someone who primarily appeals to older viewers as they are likely to watch the show regardless of the host.

This has acutely narrowed down the choices for a host with mass appeal. It is being reported that the Academy blames its ratings dip on these politically and socially outspoken hosts. So, who does the Academy want? Well right now, as things stand, it has a very short list of highly unlikely candidates that include Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, or even Tom Hanks.

So, we'll have to wait and see who the Academy finally picks to host the 91st edition of its awards.

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