Oriol Vignut - Bridging The Gap In The eCommerce Industry With Marketing And Scientific Method

He believes that with the right mindset and correct method, it is not difficult to earn money and achieve your financial goal.

Oriol Vignut

Oriol Vignut, a guy from a small town in Barcelona, Spain believes that there is a wide range of opportunities in eCommerce. It only requires passion, the right mindset, and the correct method for someone to succeed. He would like to share his expertise with those who want to venture into the eCommerce industry by providing all the methods, tools, systems, and support to start making money. He also offers the biggest and exciting eCommerce method where success and income is the main result.

However, being successful in the business industry is not a walk in the park. At an early age, Oriol was fascinated by doing business by selling cool stuff around his neighborhood and earned 5 euros in a day. He was 7 years old when he used his father's photocopier/printing machine to enlarge trending cartoon stickers and sell them in his school. He then went to a university after primary and studied engineering. Oriol Vignut was influenced by his father who is an Architect and entrepreneur at the same time. He grew up in his father's office and he used to draw buildings and structures. Aside from that, he also loves extreme sports like downhill mountain bike racing, motocross, kitesurfing, and stand-up jet ski. After getting a college degree, he works in his father's office as a mechanical engineer. At the same time, he found a 9 to 5 job for him to find his client. He worked with a guy who does not have the right attitude and did not treat him well, which made him hate his job. That is why he decided to go back and work at his father's office. He gained his clients and started to earn money.

Oriol Vignut realized that there's a limited chance to grow and scale in the small town where he lives. Especially when he built a local business and assisted his father's construction business in Spain, where the construction crisis took place in 2008. He knew for himself that there is something else to explore and grow, like the online world. He tried applying online as an engineer, but it requires him to be in the field and go anywhere. As for him, he didn't see any potential to grow. Until he met with an accident in 2017 that he almost broke his neck. He couldn't even walk, which requires him to stay at home for three months. Sitting in the four corners of his room, he starts exploring the internet. He already has an idea about eCommerce as he used to sell second-hand stuff on eBay and online markets. He also established his online stores and shipped the product directly to the manufacturer.

This is where his journey to eCommerce began. He continues to learn the process and gain more knowledge. He bought online courses that are relevant in learning eCommerce and marketing strategies. It's quite challenging for him because he was working a full-time job at night, helping his family business, and managing his eComm stores. It took him a year without earning and not hitting the revenues in his online stores. But, through his hard work and dedication, he finally earned his 6 figure profit in a single month in 2019. Presently, he now owns his company, and this year 2021 he is trying to grow the community by delivering the best eCommerce results in the Spanish-speaking market.